Crappie Fishing Tips

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When you go crappie fishing it is not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You need to have your best crappie fishing tips at your disposal. Instead of coming home with a empty stringer , lets take a look at some crappie fishing tips that will fill your cooler on your next crappie fishing trip.
#1 Crappie Fishing Tip always catch your bait from the…

Spring Crappie Tips

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Ask any saltwater angler whether ‘high’ or ‘low’ tide is the pick of the litter, and not only will you get mixed results, but iterations from “the first hour of incoming tide,” to “halfway through outgoing,” to “dead flat – I’m weird like that.”

Maybe not quite so particular, but subjective nonetheless, are freshwater panfish seekers. And in the spring, their preferences arc the spectrum from “sun-soaked bridge pilings,”…

Fishing for your Dinner

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For many anglers, fishing for your dinner is all part of the fishing experience. Perhaps the fisherman may be camping in a remote spot where fresh fish is a welcomed addition to his supplies. Or perhaps he is fishing on a lake with his buddies and a hot meal is the perfect culmination to a successful day of fishing.

Popular places to go fishing for your dinner

Remote Beaches…

Cowlitz River Summer Steelhead Fishing

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With the end of spring Chinook season comes summer steelhead fishing. We are already seeing some of these fish being caught on the Cowlitz and the run will be building well into the 4th of July weekend and beyond. Looking to catch your 3 fish limit of powerful, chrome bright summerruns? Then don’t delay and call today to reserve your date. Stop wishing and lets go fishing.


Chinook Salmon Fishing Tips

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It’s well known fact the environment of a river is ever changing. Trees tumble. Rains fall and load the riverbed. Slowly, holes fill-in while others take shape.

This time of year, though, Great Lakes tributaries can be altered so abruptly that you can actually smell the difference in the air. At least that’s what happens when some of the Great Lake’s largest and most vicious predators invade them overnight….

Triploid Grass Carp—a living law mower

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“Grass carp wars” that’s what it was called in the 1970’s when the controversial proposal of importing fertile grass carp from Asia to control non-native aquatic plants came to Florida. Maybe calling it war was overkill, but the two sides certainly were polarized. The thing was–both sides had good intents and cause for concern. So why the controversy, and 40 years later, what is the outcome?
Florida’s temperate to…

Catfish Pro Discusses ‘Bait-Juicing’ Secrets

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If there’s a singular concern shared by expert catfish anglers far and wide, it’s the need to keep hooks continually covered with fresh, ‘fragrant’ bait. Misguided notions about stinky stuff aside, catfish love their seafood fresh— as in, buy it right off the boat-fresh.

Where big blues and channel cats are concerned, newly caught fillets o’ fish—skipjack, sucker and shad—never leave the menu. Bloody, oil-oozing baitfish are as tantalizing…

Frog Tactics For Epic Fall Bass

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These days, the word “epic” is used to describe everything from fast food to funny cat videos on YouTube. But in a perfect world, it’d be reserved as a superlative for Lord Byron’s work or a sky dive from outer space.

Or the promises of fall fishing. Especially fall frogging.

Tournament angler Rich Lindgren agrees. “Although a lot of anglers abandon frog fishing in fall to concentrate on main…

Montana Fly Fishing – Guide Vision

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On our travels we fish with other guides and we’ve noticed that all quality guides share at lease one commonality. It’s something we like to call “guide vision”. Regardless of whether you fish the saltwater in the Florida Keys or in On our travels we fish with other guides and we’ve noticed that all quality guides share at lease one commonality. It’s something we like to call “guide vision”….

Ice Fishing Trout Baits

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How many times has a guide, pro, or fishing buddy advised we think “outside the box” when choosing a bait? Seriously, if we had a dollar for every instance, we’d probably be boat shopping.

Still, there’s a lot of truth to the over-used adage. Going rogue, novel or off-the-wall is often just the thing to fool finicky fish. And it’s not just about choosing the overlooked lures. Sometimes it’s about…

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