Crappie Fishing Tips

fshappadmin | Posted on August 26, 2016

When you go crappie fishing it is not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You need to have your best crappie fishing tips at your disposal. Instead of coming home with a empty stringer , lets take a look at some crappie fishing tips that will fill your cooler on your next crappie fishing trip.
#1 Crappie Fishing Tip always catch your bait from the same water you are going to fish. Chances are crappie will spit out anything that is not natural to their habitat.
#2 Crappie Fishing Tip If you fish from a boat and have a fish finder you need to be able to identify large schools of crappie when they show up on your fish finder. When you spot what looks like a upside Christmas tree on the screen this a large school of crappie.
#3 Crappie Fishing Tip When you locate a large school of crappie never fish in the middle of the school. Work the edges of the school so you don’t spook the fish.
#4 Crappie Fishing Tip When you locate a school of fish, start by line to the bottom. Slowly crank in your reel counting every turn until you get a hit. Now mark your line with a permanent magic marker , preferably a bright color. The reason you mark your line is so you can go right back to the same depth the next time you drop your line. Repeat this step until the crappie school moves.
#5 Crappie fishing tip Crappie rise to the bait their eyes are located on the top of their heads so the do not see anything below them. You must make sure your bait presentation is always above them.
#6 Crappie fishing tip use an ultra-light rig that weighs only a few ounces. Crappie are not heavy hitters. Many time they just suck on the bait and if you don’t have light tackle you will never feel the hit.
#7 Crappie fishing tip use 2-4 pound test line , always make sure your is located on a loop, not held tight on the hook ring. The hook needs to move freely to give the bait some play. Remember the more natural the bait looks the more fish you will catch.
Now you are ready for your next crappie fishing trip . If you use all or just a few of the crappie fishing tips above you will improve your crappie catch count. So good luck and good fishing!

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